How to use Vaseline

Lets talk about an unsung hero… something every single woman has owned and if you don’t have a pot right now you should get one!


I swear by mine for a number of reasons, If you have any to add please let me know I’d love to find more uses!

  1. The most obvious- cracked lips. This soothes and is thick enough to feel like it is making a difference.
  2. When I dye my hair I put a thick layer of vaseline around my hairline to slop my skin staining.
  3. When I wax I put vaseline on any larger moles or sore skin to stop injury.
  4. When my kids are in nappies I use it as a barrier cream.
  5. When you take off false eyelashes a slick of this helps them peel right off.
  6. To soothe cracked heels slick this on your feet.
  7. When you get a cold rub a little around your nostrils to put some moisture back in your skin.
  8. Put on self tanning trouble spots like knees and ankles to stop an uneven colour forming.
  9. Use as aftersun to lock in moisture and prevent peeling.
  10.  Put on before spraying perfume to hold the scent longer.
  11. Used with a damp cloth it can take makeup stains out of fabric.
  12. When added to loose eyeshadow it can intensify colour.
  13. If you are in a jam and need a quick polish for your shoes a little Vaseline will work in the short term.
  14. Use a dab to remove tough eye makeup.
  15. Add sugar or salt to make an effective DIY shower scrub.

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